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We are known as POWER PEOPLE in the electrical power segment/market. We are in the Electrical Power field for more than 2 decades & having a strong position as a registered company of Vidhyut Power for more than a decade. Having world-class infrastructure & one of the largest assembly floors in the Panel Building segment. Innovation is in our blood. Continual improvement  & development is a default process.  “LEAN” manufacturing process implemented. Our staff & our clients are our family members. Timely service is our backbone to achieve 100%  retention of clients. The staff retention ratio is higher than 95% for the last 10 years. 

Transformation is our motto. Vision, Innovation, Implementation, and Transparency are our culture.

Highly experienced professionals
Timely delivery
Excellent logistic facility
Client-centric approach
Qualitative range of products
Fair business practice
Wide distribution network
Positive record

We strongly believe with experience that only Quality speaks & survives in long term. Our forced measure to gain quality product ensures peace of mind for us & our clients both.

Visionary Founder & Managing Director Mr Avin Desai always says that - Never deliver such a product where we need to invest our time & efforts more on services. If a client calls us then it must be for a new business opportunity rather than services. Our product must deliver better than the expectation of the client. Let the client sleep well & let me sleep well.

Innovation is a continual process. We always try to make a product easy to understand with the latest technology implementation. We test the product thoroughly before launching it into the market. We invest at least 10 to 20% of our annual profit in new developments.

We believe to produce the product as per the latest standards & all bare minimum certifications & approvals.

  ISO 9001:2015
  OHSAS 18001 : 2007
  IS8623  (LT Panels – Partially Type Tested)
  IEC 61439-1&2  (LT Panels – Totally Type Tested)
  IEC 61641 (Internal Arc)
  IEC 62271-100 & 200 (HT Panels)